an act of walking away.

What happens beyond the point when you both realize that you are losing each other? there is silence, you suddenly have nothing to say that’ll make conversation go on so instead you both try to find ways to walk out (out of conversation for now). it is also very oddly and sadly funny that you’re not sad about it anymore. or at least it doesn’t hurt you the way you always thought it would. instead you are thinking about all other things that are happening around you; you listen to a child screaming in the distant neighborhood ‘Papa,Papa’.

next you catch yourself lost in a disconnected memory, how your brother snatched a photograph of your father and you cried in silence for losing your father to him. you complained about it to the universe and the universe took care of it, you still remember that grey sky of your childhood evening. those first few raindrops that made you forget about complaining, and you kept looking at evening grayness as tears kept running your cheeks.


there is no rainfall this time, maybe universe too thinks its too soon to indulge in the incident of you two walking away, slowly. you know the process, soon you’ll start falling out of each other’s lives and then eventually the place will be empty of each other. you’ll sometimes walk past that place like tenants of a house who once lived their and can only see their past there and never imagine  a future in there.

“its all planned, maybe this is also a proof of something, something that we don’t know of yet.”

maybe your words will keep echoing the emptiness of place.


5 thoughts on “an act of walking away.

  1. One can feel through the words, what it meant to be parting ways which once were supposed to move to same direction. A really good expression of bitter side of a story.


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