thought process

you always knew you’d do better than this, din’t you? anyway, rise up, a year has passed to the events you still keep thinking about

come on, there is nothing wrong with trying on those pairs of new sandals, they are never gonna stay new and tagged after this moment

walk in them, apply a lipstick, adore your image in the mirror and live up

or may be just go back to your old boring desk and start typing again


5 thoughts on “thought process

  1. Very nice beena.Really i want to write like u.well i missed u where are u r disappear not in insta and u hid from Twitter.i want to learn from u many things reading ,writing,good and big thoughts.take care plz tell why re u disappeared.


  2. It really is okay to ride it out and let it grip you. No matter how tough it gets at times and how much of a horrendous war it is in your insides, always remember to forgive yourself at the end of the day. Because closure is tough, it’s goddamn tough. It’s like a mind bender that’s way out of our jurisdiction and sometimes when things and relations end, it’s like an ending in the middle of a sentence.


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