The Shadow I grew up in #ProudToBeMyMum

Until this campaign #ProudToBeMyMum, I never thought about my relation with my mother, I just thought it was ever present, ever there and needn’t be talked about; but now that I think I can talk about it for hours, talk about things and minute details that we share.

They say shadows are a negative image but how can they be when while I was growing up I used to follow my mother to fields trying to catch up with her shadow, and she adjusting her pace so to shelter me from the blazing sunlight.

And many years down the lane now that she has moved places for us, adjusted her lifestyle, her likings, and dislikings; sometimes even her relationship with her siblings because ‘I am a mother before any other relation’ I can always trace back my existence to my mother, like its natural, like it’s the very logical thing to do.

I am not claiming to be a tiny part of how amazing she is but I am learning each baby step at a time to mould myself in her image so I can be proud in my heart when I say I am #ProudToBeMyMum. I know that is a pursuit, a life long journey but other than I am thankful to her, I owe my everything to her; from teaching me words, for rendering me a sense to make sense of my speech in days when I was myself not very sure about sounds I was producing.

I owe it to her for training the fighter in me through all those days that life throws at us. I owe it to her for passing on to me this art of story-telling for she knew I needed a companion for days she couldn’t always be near me to comfort me.

I am #ProudTobeMyMum and I know I’ll share stories of our belonging to each other for as long as I live, to my generations, through my words and my life; for there is no me without my mother.


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