When Mira Sethi Unfollowed Me….


Well, the story, of course, starts with a follow back from her account on Insta. I was casually scrolling down my Insta feed late at night when I saw Mira Sethi in my mentions and that she liked one of my write-ups and followed me. The first thing I did was take a screenshot of course, but the first thing after this cliched first thing I refreshed my notifications to see if it was real. Once that I was sure I sent that screenshot to few of my friends who also went and checked Mira’s profile if it was real (only that they mentioned it later :D) and afterwards I did the second cliched thing, I posted it on social media accounts.

Between the giggles and laughter, I had this fear which I was too afraid to admit or say out loud for what if my saying it make it happen. What if Mira Sethi unfollowed me in the morning just cause I thought about it, I won’t be able to forgive myself. I wanted to DM her, thank her, and say something I have been meaning to say but I didn’t for what if that makes me sound too eager?

But she unfollowed me anyway, looks like my happiness had a short life. My reaction? I was devastated. The first thing that always kicks in these kind of situations was my ego of course. My ego told my ‘self’ that I should block her, unfollow her; for how can one follow and unfollow you, how can they be so rude. But, but like all such situations, I don’t like when my ego wins so I had to calm it down and defeat it which I did, thankfully.

I thought about pros of the situation, and of course, the cons but let’s talk about pros first.


. I am happy that she acknowledged me even if that was for a night. she is my mentor/ inspiration when it comes to writing or the way she carries herself in her life and this strengthened that ( it wasn’t gonna change even otherwise)

. I was kind of nervous and afraid of posting what to do, what not to do, I had fears for example: how am I gonna face people around me and tell them that she unfollowed especially when I had posted screenshots (I deleted them in the heat of moment and I regret it for I lost a memory to my heated reaction)

. because she unfollowed I am finally writing a blog post after ages *wink*


Well, none of course. Maybe I lost few followers on Instagram but that’s okay. It happens all the time anyway.

One thing to be sure is this left me more motivated to work on my goals, to fulfil them and it might sound far-fetched at the moment but maybe someday if I publish my work I can befriend her. Nothing wrong with dreamin’ right?

But while we are at it I know I have lots of struggles, lots of fears to overcome, lots of things to face. So, from today I’ll start working on my goals more energetically. Thank you, Mira Sethi, for making me face and accept my fears and imperfections, it was worth it!!


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