Coke Studio Favourites

Well, I miss Coke Studio when Rohail Hyatt used to produce it, the music in those days had its rawness, the kind of raw music you can relate to but well, the present one has its own perks and now that the season has ended I have a favourites list from this season. I have shared the list and my reasons for why I like these songs but before I get started here is something I noticed that is comparing music from two different genres, which is kind of illogical, the kind of comparison that we saw last year with Umair Jaswal’s take on ‘Sammi Meri Waar’ in a rock version and this year with ‘Afreen Afreen’ , we have to keep both versions separately and appreciate them for what they are in both cases, that is why they are different versions and you may not like a version and like other bit more than one but there still seems no reason of comparison. Anyway, to carry on with my list of Favourites:

# Aja Re Moray Saiyaan:

Because Zeb Bangash and it was a light, fun song to listen to. It makes me happy every time I listen to it.

# Khaki Banda

Most of the songs on my list are my favourite because of their lyrics because I am inclined towards mystic/ Sufi poetry a bit too much. This is one of those songs, Umair Jaswal and Jahanzeb did justice to the song in their own way.

# Dilruba Na Raazi

For the bits os Pashto and how well Zeb Bangash sang them, I actually tried to learn Pashto singing after listening to this song. *wink wink*

zeb20bangash208-72-1469885443Image Source: google Images

#Uddi Jaa

How immensely talented is Mohsin Abbas, this song is the proof. I was awestruck after listening to this song, lyrics are beautiful, he sang it really really well. And who knew he was such a great lyric writer, yes, Mohsin Abbas wrote this song himself.

#Paar Channa De

Noori and Shilpa Rao did a really well job with all moments of high and low notes in the song, again I love the original version of this song and I separately love these both versions for their own beauty.

#Aaya Laariye

Well, A many of you might have noticed that they messed this song a bit but still the kind of energy this song instills is amazing, Meesha Shafi is icon and she always looks amazing and I love how she experiments with her looks, but that aside it is a nice fun song to listen to again.f5d0291695e3dee1e78cb120a50f5c4cImage Source: Google Images

# Jhalliya

Because it was one of its own kind, though it could have been performed better but still that addition of reading verses and Javed Bashir’s voice made it a nice rendition.

#Lagi Bina/ Chal Mele Nu Chaliye

Saieen Zahoor of course, I mean how amazingly powerful is his voice. This song made me revisit and listen to all of his songs once again. He sings so powerfully that he takes over the music and it doesn’t matter what goes in the background, you just listen to him and pairing Sanam Marvi with Saieen Zahoor always works.


Image Source: Google Images

# Meri Meri

I love what Sara Haider represents, this was different, lyrics were legit good and Sara Haider always sings well.

#Tu Kuja Man Kuja

How can you not appreciate such beautiful lyrics? Both Rafaqat Ali Khan and Shiraz Uppal sang it nice and light. It is on top of my favourites along with Uddi Jaa and Chal Mele Nu Chaliye.

# Rang

We lost such a beautiful voice, while listening to this I was only paying attention to the perfection in Amjad Sabri’s voice without much effort, he was blessed with talent and was one of those people who can charm you without much effort on their part.

578373b63ceeeImage Source: Google Images




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