Kartography Book Review

Kartography by Kamila Shamsie// 3.5/5You can read this book and experience it on two different levels, as a person living in KARACHI and as an outsider. I belong to the later clan, and though I don’t know how would it feel to read it after living there but I fell in love with this, with Karachi.

The first hundred pages of the book are dull and slow read, but only if you are patient enough to pass on those few pages, and if you are patient enough to let the frustration of the not very understandable story in the start, this book will offer you one of the best surprises. It’s like as the characters in the story grow up so does their story, it becomes more compassionate, more profound with every realization, every new step, every new spilled secret, so much so that towards the end it gasps you in its magic, the kind of beautiful that it hurts.

You will fall in love with Karim, hate him and all in love with him all over again, you journey that love journey along with Raheen and it is safe to say that this will be among my favourite stories from now on.

It is story of how life unfolds on all of us, taking hold of our personal lives, our wars, our secrets, our families, our relationships and friendships and our own selves.

Beautiful book all in all, a kind of book that I will always go back to reread.


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