Ink on paper// scribbles 

But my skin has gone darker from the last time you saw me, my face all blemished, my scars all exposed, and I fear your return this time, I fear for you might love me a little less for all that I have endured, tell me, would you? Love me a little less now?  // I can’t wait for you to be home.

That night I slept under the stars, the fingers of my hand following the paths carved out by constellations look very fragile, weak and eager to reach the end to these, my eyes and my heart sighed for the sight of moon, beating, thumping, pulping in a manner that almost produced the rhythm of the night.// Nights under those lonely skies


I am just asking you to hide away your pain,is that too much to ask for?’ He asked as he walked away,for never coming back.

He got hit later.

Colours and chaos are not always art, she thought as she once again took out his blood stained shirt.

Their grandchild shuddered as they read these words in fresh red ink, many years later.


It almost felt like a dream, a dream I could dare to dream. A dream which later left me with more grasping pain than ever, a dream that drenched me of all other dreams, but it still was just a dream, a mere illusion they say.


I like to look at reality in my own way, I like to challenge what is already perceived, I like to reach the curves and creases in my soul that I myself might not like to wander to very often.// village scenes



she- a collection of myriads of disappointments, all coiled up inside the creases of her skin, her mind, the lines on her hand. she- a picture of what displaced looked like when you stand among everyone who belongs to you but you can’t relate to them not in your heart at least, and you know how some paintings are utterly beautiful but you somehow don’t know what to do of it? yeah where you are in the middle of nowhere land, centre asserting its force but not showing ways, not out of itself and she stands there,trying to grasp at it when encircling circles get a little closer, towards her,enchantingly prisoning her, next she hears a sound of far approaching heavy traffics, becoming louder and she opens her eyes, all of sudden. (the end)


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