Conversation threads//

Hey, you write so good.


I really like your writings. Do you write often?

No, just randomly when the words spill out.


Hey, where have you been, I kind of missed you.

I am sorry I have been busy.

… Are you still there?

… Listen you could be busy too sometimes?

… Don’t give up on me like that?

Hey, sorry I was tired and so I slept.


Hey friend, you know how much I like our friendship. I never had a friend this good and this close. I think I am never going to get over this friendship.


I think I am falling for you, who wouldn’t fall for a girl as beautiful as you and it is kind of strange because I never felt this way for anyone. I am doing things for you that I never did and I like this feeling.


What is the matter with you? I have my life to live and other things to do besides listening to your depressed talk.


You know we can’t be together forever, I know you’ll understand. I have my obligations to my family and my moral self.

But hey, I still love you and we can be friends as long as you like.


You talk so depressingly, eventually everyone is going to get rid of you.


My fiancé is such a nice and fun girl.

And she thinks we shouldn’t be friends anymore but you deserve much more and you shall get it someday.

(But I was not as depressed as this when you arrived.)


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