What is happening?


As I scrolled through my Facebook feed I caught a glimpse of a notice by some university in the Capital that has warned students that no girl and boy can be seen together if seen they would be brought to humiliation to their self and their parents.

This brought back a memory of few months ago when a younger cousin came to me with a confused face and a question. As a summer activity she wrote a letter to one of girl in her friends group at school in which she mentioned the prohibited sentence ‘I love you’ and was questioned about her use of mind by her class instructor who later sent the letter to waste bin without even giving a chance for her friend to read it.

what she was accused of using the above-mentioned sentence and without any explanation was left in a void. What she questioned me was both alarming and devastating, if love is such a bad thing why are we taught to love Allah and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and our family? Just to mention, this school is among the privileged schools of the country who claim to be modern and open-minded and they charge heavily for that.

I tried my best to satisfy the child with the best suitable answer I could produce there and spur away her confusion but this incident and the notice in my facebook feed left me thinking, what meanings are we attaching to words? How is that impacting our culture, which is mostly negative? And what lies in our duties as instructors and preachers of education.

Because it matters, the meanings we attach to words as psychological studies prove that childhood imprints survive longer than we think. With actions like these, we are pushing them to think that there must be something bad related to the world, killing their ability to think in the positive direction.

Not just that we are in ways betraying our religion where Allah created this whole world for the love of His Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and Quran repeatedly talks about the love of Allah and Muhammad and mankind.

We are so over-protective in these matters that we often confuse religion and culture and in doing so and in protecting the later we often exploit the prior. But maybe its time we think about educating our younger ones about the meanings, the meanings we attach to all these things and the way we use these concepts instead of banishing the use of word at all. We need to erase the confuse we have created in the minds of children.

And instead of issuing such notices we need to build our generations on basics of teachings and education of our children, where they know the difference between the right and wrong, and must decide for themselves the right path to follow because without giving them the right to decide we are not really empowering them to be better humans and for them to play their part in tomorrow’s society. We have to understand that it’s not these notices that will keep them from any wrong doing but a clear conscience and power to decide between the right and wrong.

Neil Gaiman once asserted :

“if you are protected from dark things then you have no
protection of, knowledge of, or understanding of dark
things when they show up.”


3 thoughts on “What is happening?

  1. I once said I love you to my sister and she gave a proper lecture and then i had to explain it to her that love isn’t only between a girl and boy, it can be in any relation but we always hesitate to express it idk why

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