You Want to Know the Kind of Society We Live In.

We keep on rubbing our heads on prayer mats, we keep ourselves from eating in the months of fast, we keep on offering charities when we have all the wrong intentions waiting inside us to be acted upon as soon as we will lift our heads, when our ill wills​ are eating us from inside, to avenge others of the wrong done to us, and we think it’s​ okay to do a little wrong when outwardly we are a person of offering charities. And the most funny thing about this is that latter part is mostly thought to be okay to move on in life. We live in a society based on religion who thinks its okay for boys to not pray, not follow religion and ask for a wife who does this all so may be her acts can save him too, and sisters so the honour could be saved of course​, which is totally okay if a guy ignores everything because honour is supposed to be a thing of girls right? In addition, thanks to women who​ can’t just say the right thing because then they would lose their place in the wing of men in power, oh power can make you do things. we think it’s​ okay to act god for others, and not listen to the God. we live in a society where men or people in power at any hung are at illusion that they were the bestowers for the rights that Allah bestow upon them, where it is okay to call yourself self-righteous​, where we push a person to the limits of suicide instead of giving him some hope in the life, instead of lending him a helping hand, because we are only good for destructive criticism, and then criticise him after his suicide too, because yeah we are hypocrites like that. it’s cool.


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