I saw messages and celebratory calls from all circles on this years Women’s International Day, some praising them, other providing them with discounts and offers. As much as I think it is great to assign a day to recognize all the amazing women on Earth, I hardly concur to the perspective that we have taken in on the scenario. Among many issues that I feel need to be questioned at the utmost priority is are we really doing any favor to the women around the globe by dispensing a single day out of 365 days of a year because last time I checked they had their whole life to themselves?

I am not blaming anyone or creating gender boundaries that men should do this and women should do this, its all about changing behavior patterns either it be men or women; it is high time that we understand that each gender in their capacity is a whole human being with different set of roles for each, and may be its high time we stop setting boundaries for either to behave in a particular way.

All these good vibes, wills and intentions might be extended to other days of the year as well, they need to extend beyond a single day; though this day is the celebration and education of who women are and what they deserve, but the point lies in how we empower them through all other times to move forward and grow in their best talents and produce things that can be celebrated on this final day. This celebration is more than merely objectifying them as women, its about the behavior fix that we all need towards each other.


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