How will our story be reshaped? 

This tomb that you see in the picture was once a grave. This is located at my village, and I had always seen this grave with a tree near by and different colored cloths hanging from the tree, while the grave was covered with a green piece of cloth. All my childhood I heard stories of some bazurg residing in the grave and many incidents from my father’s childhood. My father once narrated that their school was near this grave, those were the days of few possessions, people would come to this grave, offer duas, leave sugar and few pennies and leave. After they left, my father and other children would go, eat that sugar, put pennies in their pockets and come back to their classes. They stopped doing that as they grew up. Women, however, thought that their prayers were answered if sugar and pennies were picked up. 

Later on, I heard from some one another interesting theory, that the person that this grave belongs to was named Shams and was an army general, long time before Mughal era. He along with his army fought a battle at this point, was defeated by the enemy and was killed along with many of his soldiers, and was buried here. This place once a graveyard, when other graves demolished as the time passed. This one, technically, fought time as it was at a steep point. 

Few months ago, few people built a tomb over the grave and now people have started to religiously come to the place, ask for ease and help in their difficulties, and offer animal sacrifices.

We never know, what stories we might be reshaped into in the days to come.

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