22 December- the shortest day and the longest night.

  Photo by: Abdullah Cheema

We all have our own scales to measure time. Human beings from the very start have been keeping a measure of their time in life, of days and nights, of months passing by and slipping into the wave of years; from the minute details of seconds to the mighty passage of time in centuries, man likes to keep a track of his time, may be because it provides him with the feeling of manipultion of time but the truth is, man is failing at it miserably. From the times when the passage of time was measured by looking at the shadows, to sand scales, we have reached a point where we have it all at our hands, from years to months, to days and nights, to hours and minutes and seconds and now with devices measuring mini and nano seconds, and the race doesn’t end; but the truth remains same. WE ARE ALWAYS RUNNING OUT OF TIME. No matter how we know about the longest day (22nd June) and longest night (22 December) of the year, but we are lagging when it comes to times of our lives, so focused on measuring that we have almost left behind the notion of making the most of our time. So may be its time we stop counting the mini and nano seconds in our lives and start living them, may be its time that we lift our worried faces up from looking at watches and the late arriving trains and smile at strangers around for a while, that instead of rushing out of cafes, sit there for few more seconds and ask the waiter about how his day at work is today, instead of diving into new projects and lifting head up only when its time to go home may be ask the neighbour employee his name? Or how his year at work had been?, and finally when we are home, instead of sitting for hours staring at the t.v. screen before hitting the bed to repeat the same routine for the next may be sit with people at home and share a laugh at very mundane,very ordinary things or may be its time you call that once close friend, the one call that you have been planning all year round.


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