My life at a stage- An experiment

Time travels so fast, and it takes away with it the peculiarities of itself. The places that once belonged to us, the houses we lived in, the people we lived with; they all seem so strange, so foreign, so distant. I remember my times at my village, those were the days of childhood before we had moved to city. Those were the days of no worries and absolute pleasures. A bunch of us cousins would gather up after breakfast rituals, at some open space, gather few dry leaves and tiny woods and put them on fire and sit around the fire forming a circle, while looking at women that belonged to houses nearby, carrying on with households, and men, well men mostly sat at charpoys and inhaled at their Hookahs while talking to their fellow men, discussing politics of all kinds, shunning everyone, criticising women. The agricultural culture mainly belonged to women of that village. After finishing their households they would work in fields all day long. These places have changed their structures now, with streets cemented people have become rigid now. But I absolutely adore silence here, I have this strange theory about silence.
to be continued……



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