A Day Back in Time.

editedShe sat on the rooftop in that foggy morning, legs and hands and hair spread in the most carefree matter, she opened and closed her feet several times to adjust the view from the opening in the wall; until she caught the perfect glimpse of village fields far far away. Lying on that red and green lined mat, soft melody playing on her phone, smoke rising from the cigarette she was holding in one of her hands; she had sudden realization of how things were so perfect in that moment, and how our lives are not meant to be a series of continuous joys but the moments and thrill you are supposed to collect as you travel along. Also, the village minus people was a source of providing a solace for her, in the times when everything else seemed disappointing. A person she knew of once told her about how how small towns and cities and mountains helps us in collecting back our peace and all that the urban setups take away and helps us further in maintaining that peace for a much longer time.


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