A race within a city beholding dreams.


Unlike all other mortals who ever visited this city, instead of looking up at sky-scrappers and falling in love with the heights of the city, she looked into the buzzy streets and all that they were depicting, she was amazed at how much she could learn through these human figures. She could very consciously hear the crisp sounds of the traffic, the competition that these city folks had to face at every step that they were taking; she could see it on their face, in the way their gazes shifted, the way their postures changed from peace to restlessness, she could see it all, she could very clearly see their vulnerability in the way their bodies posed for the on-lookers. Slipping into the winding ways of her thought process, she thought about how despite all our tries at hiding who we are, we humans are always so predictable, always carrying our stories on our faces; but only if one could care enough to see through the naked realities of life, if one could encounter life in its raw form. And it seemed like she was one of them, one stumbling on life in intimacies. And the city cheered with dozens of horns from the neighboring vehicles, rejoicing the arrival of such a soul. You see even these relentless cities need some souls to thrive on for all of us need some confidant, don’t we?


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