In Another Time

DSC_0231That it would be re imagined in a totally different life, at a totally different time, by a totally different generation, after so many years from today, that may be I’ll be long dead by then or I’ll be waiting for my death to arrive soon, or may be I’ll be rotting and becoming a part of the soil at that time. Doesn’t this leave you in a state of nostalgia or rather leave you in a nauseated feeling that may be your words, and your imagination might be relived by someone in their world after you are gone and you never know if they would live it better than you, or that they would imagine it better than you. May be these words when uttered through their lips would gain all the more power and strength. I often think that after one has left this world, he must move on on the belongings from this world, that he must leave them for generations and people to come after. After all once that you don’t exist any more how would your belongings benefit you when they don,t benefit you when you are alive. But of course you don’t have to trust my say in the matter, we all don’t have to trust any say in the matter, the fights to rights have always existed and they will keep on existing till the end of time. Yes, the time shall end, both your time in this world and this world’s time in its own-self shall come to an end someday. And the end of time will lead us all into eternity, We all in our existence in any of the forms of existence are waiting to achieve that eternity….


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