An Evening Hack With ‘Patari’.

An evening hack with this aweee-someee first ever Pakistani music platform, with quirky playlists and phenomenal collection. All good things at one place.

This all starts from the day when all in sudden I was invited to ‘Patari’, and I got to know about my new found love. I have heard that your music taste shifts as you grow up in life and trust me I have been through days where all I liked listening to was those filmy Bollywood tunes which make you fall in love while listening to them and thank God I am not there any more. Laugh at me if you want to but we have all been there. 😀

Well with the shift in my age group, my music taste has interestingly evolved, and lately all I had been looking for was Pakistani music; from Noori to Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, from new releases to old tunes. With an invite to ‘Patari’ my purpose was served,. The idea of something Pakistani in essence with possibly the largest homeland music collection was nostalgic. As soon as I logged in, I knew I was going to stay.

Whether you are after those new releases or you want to dig in for the old music; Patari has it all. The wide range of playlists and compilations, there is something to serve everyone. From the covers of songs like ‘Neele Neele Amber Per’ which takes you back in time, to songs from latest Pakistani movies music, from NFAK’s huge collection to large number of Abida Perveen’s tracks, from cricket tracks to drama OST’s, from indie to pop to folk to rock to bhangra; they have it all to cater your moods.

Not just that they have actually compiled lists of different songs under different ‘Moods’ to make it all easy for you. With their ‘Top Charts’ section you have access to music from 1980’s to present.

The quirky office and the quirkiness it adds to the work they are doing is amazing.11407214_846473062097715_6581033075985827860_n

They are presently working with beta version and are accessible on invite basis but they are working on their launch and soon we will see them out in the world. Which is ironic to say because they have already gained quite popularity among networks, and have been covered by all the leading media platforms. The CEO of Patari, Khalid Bajwa, was recently interviewed by Cambridge for their Sound Cloud channel.

Here is the link:

To sum up- well Patari cannot be summed up in just few lines and you get the true experience only when you go through it- but I am hitched; the feeling of something Pakistani, for the Pakistanis, by the Pakistanis never leave me. And yes someday, I hope I’ll be able to get a picture taken with Patari ki rehri 😀


In case you don’t know what I am talking about!!

Best of luck with the launch ‘Patari’. We all are looking forward to it.


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