We Do Not Respond- My Fear Through Life.

There had always been an urge to write from the very start, merely because I was always in need to find a solace for the sadness that over shadowed my life or to satisfy my yearning to write from the very start.

I would often take a pen to pen down all those words that had been broiling in my head, to share it with dozens of people out there but somehow I would always put it back again. What stopped me from sharing was always a question whether I was good enough to share my thoughts? and then one morning while looking for links to share my writings with, I saw an additional note ‘ P.S. We do not respond’.
In that moment I knew what had been stopping me for so long,. It was the fear of rejection, of being confirmed that they did not respond because I was not up to the mark.
This was one of those epiphany moments, where the pre-dominant fear of my life was staring me in the eye. The fear that has been guiding my life, what if they think I am not good enough, what if they do not respond to whatever I have to say or do. Also a realization of how my life is guided by fears of what others’ have to say.


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