An Evil Incarnate.

2015-04-30 04.04.43 1
Photo by: @thenaziransari on instagram
As he was walking down those narrow streets, with his jacket tucked on his shoulder, he was feeling he was shrinking to a mundane place, chosen but not destined. And then, there, in that moment he felt he was besieged by human figures dangling around him. He could relate to them in so many ways, he belonged to them; he was one of them. He then realized the fragility of human character, the immortality of human conscience; of how we have left our mighty stature and have miniaturized ourselves to mere bodies, lowly and subjugated. Running after greed and money we have set ourselves on a journey where there is no stopping, slipping into turbulence and darkness; thus suffocating our self outwardly shining brightly. There reaches a moment when we are a factotum to our greed, giving in all; dancing to the beat of drums of money, round and round, loosing what is left sane and humane in our subdued bodies, putting our crown of creation aside and becoming an evil incarnate with coins on eyes and dollar taped to his mouth.


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