Sometimes in our lives, the long practised beliefs and thoughts are questioned. Sometimes when we look at someone, above our biasness we see a total different person. We see all those fights and hardships that the person is going through just to keep up with the pace of what we call life. We see another person, a person totally different from the one who he is with us. Often while looking at the faces of our dear ones, of those with whom we have shared our moments of joys and sadness, our homes, our lives; we are astonished that we don’t actually recognize those faces. We are so caught up in the briskness of life that we ignore the things and people that demand to be looked on, closely. And yet again going through these experiences catch us and put us back into the knotting reality of the knotted life, that we had often felt like accomplished in opening them. How would you feel if you had undergone a long journey to meet some end and you are satisfied with the path that you have travelled through your journey and then when you are at reaching point or somewhere near it and all in sudden you are questioned about you journey and destination? Well that is how unanswerable life leaves you at times. In all these years I have been trying over and over again to understand the true meanings of life, often failing at understanding it and then gathering all the dispersed hopes to start the effort again to make some sense out of this life. Yet, in those delicate moments of my thinking I am left astray by all of my doings and all of happenings around me. In these moments I have felt desperate to reach for some absolute truth. I had gone to the heights of disbelief and then repenting later on and gathering all the scattered pieces of my belief. In those momenta what has always helped me is going back to the Creator, often times a little prayer in front of Him has helped. There are no words spoken, no communications heard and yet it is always listened , a peace bestowed in my heart as if all the helplessness and querries were taken care off by the One who is The Most Beneficient, The Most Merciful.


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