Football Fields.

As we get out of the house our attention gazes off for a while from the matters of our own life and turns towards the happenings of surroundings. And quite interestingly we see very different and captivating things. Often seated in the playing grounds I ignored the few things which seemed easy in the charm of spring breeze. But upon looking closer I noticed like every field of life, these playong grounds have their own politics. Elderly and the powerful subjugating the younger and less powerlful. One such incident was when two groups of boys were playing football,each in their different parts of the ground. Both looked disconnected and unconcerned about each other-other than football-until both were connected by a happening. The younger group of boys had a matter of fight which arose on the issue of one not handing the ball to the other and the other thumping the ball on former’s head. The boy who got thumped and was notvhanding the ball to the later vanished and came back in with his big(pun intended) brother. The elder using his elderly power threatened the other boy,which eventually sent him home. The irony of the situation was the elder accused the younger lad of hooliganism when he himself was objecting the same. This resulted into everyone sitting in silence and no more football. But there is always a second face,a second path,asecond perspective to a situation which can lead it in entirely different way. This could have been different if the elder would have let younger fight their own fights. They would have learnt compromise and settling of a difficult situation, above all decision making. Another strange story that the football field witnessed the day was a boy; with torn jeans and rough shirt,long hair almost reaching his shoulder, no football shoes but slippers just inching the purpose,a taveez as a pendang;trying to fit in with the players(young ones); who by attire looked like belonged to families of good fortune. He requested almost pleaded one and then the other but they never agreed to let him play. Why? Because he was different in appearence. We are so lost in appearences that we unintentedly are passing the trait onto younger generations. Disappointed by the treatment the boy could go into the world of negativities;of theft and robbery and God knows what which could have been averted oherwise. So while buying sports shoes and football shirts for our children, we ought to guide them, to make them see the positivity that sports hold, the change that games can bring, thr kind of tolerance,compromise and unity which is the need of our society. Still I will the topic open ended for you to draw your own conclusions, but don’t forget that there are always two faces,two paths,two perspectives to every situation. 😊


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