She was well aware of the issues that resided with her, all that she ever needed was a little bit of selfishness in that selfish world. The fault was not in her stars, but within her ownself. She had made herself so approachable,so easy that anybody just anybody could take her or leave;to her this was understanding the battles that others were fighting, to them she was someone they could rely on in their harder times and then laugh at her pain later. But the spark never left her-she knew she was always ahead of selfish souls-she knew she had to stop there, sometime or somewhere in time. What she was confused about was how she was going to do that. How can an other of the daughter in the dark room dare to breath? She knew she to put an end to the course of things, how and when were unanswereable questions. As the pain got stronger she understood even better all those people who have once suffered the pain, the pain of all those caged souls


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