Optimum Point.

There is a time in our lives when all of us reach an optimum point,where we no longer want to act or participate. When we are so sick of the disguised humans around us that we no longer want them,any of them. A point where we just want to sit back and watch with quiet all that is happening,characters of the action fooling around with them themselves the most when they actually think they are messing with other’s lives. The point where you get sick of your relationships,of fake promises and friendships,a point where you no longer want to exist and being ignored seems like a blessing. A point where relations don’t matter,all your pain and hurt pays off and you stop feeling anything,any more. Where it doesn’t matter if a friend was with you in your bad times or not,whether your parents had heard your screaming cries or whether your siblings had your back;a point where everything cease to exist and yet goes on existing. And yet goes on a point where your soul is a distant entity and you watch everything around like a silent audience.


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