A Daughter in The Dark Room- A Novel(Part 1)

She thought to herself while lying in that bed that yes she has absolutely forgotten everything. But she forgot the axiom that she believed in that nothing is absolute. She thought to herself that there is nothing left in any part of her mind that can hurt her any more,no memory of the past. In between these thoughts she din’t realize that she was falling asleep,the kind of sleep she was longing from long time now. That thoughtless,peaceful entry,passing out into the realm of sleep. And there just when she was ready to take for that escape,he crossed her mind. There she was, with her eyes wide open. For a moment she felt he was there and not a dream,like a reality she could never shun. Like he has never left,he was always present in herself,and all those efforts of forgetting him and anything related to him had all gone in vain in that moment. He had yet again entered into her world effortlessly,like he always used to do.


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