Seriously Life?

How messy this life can get? Sometimes you are just unable to understand the intricacies of it,just when you think you are getting to know a bit of strangling realities,you are reminded that you are not. It is definitely hard and even harder to understand. How and when should we trust someone or we should never trust? Just when you are ready to face life after all the hardships you have faced in life,just when you gather all of energy to fight back and stand for your life,you think of breathing again-freely-,just when you start trusting someone;all of a sudden it all falls back and you fall even harder than ever. And in these moments you understand pain,you understand this pain has always been lingering so close and you thought of it as long gone. No dear wounds stay forever,they never heal. They just keep up adding into your life,and once you are wounded your heart in so open to pain and hurt that everybody out there could use the opportunity. You never deserved happiness,and if you thought so and you were in search of pursuit of happiness,you were such a fool. What were you thinking? This world,these people have hurt you once they can hurt you again;there is no such thing as happiness,positivity,goodness in people. do not even try to live your life or else world is out there to make it worse. And pain is such a bad feeling,its all the hurt and helplessness combined;and that pain is painful.


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