Life is too short,a phrase often heard but never thought upon. And then you confront a misshapenness,a tragedy,an attack where many number of children are killed and you are dragged back to reality. Those children,those innocent faces would have left their houses with many dreams in their eyes,many plans on their minds. Some of them would have wanted to be an engineer/doctor other would have wanted to travel the world. And such casual thing is life that anyone out there with a gun just comes-someone you have never known,someone you don’t have any conflicts with-and opens the fire. And there you are, no more a part of this world but a gone soul. These happenings just open up our eyes to the trivialities of our lives. And yet we keep on fighting for causalities knowing that we don’t have much time,knowing that we are Pakistanis and anybody just anybody could come and kill us. Savour your relations,savour the people in your life,live and let other live. We don’t have much time. They are gone today and may be we will be next on their list. If you have a family,a friend go and tell them they are important,make memories,keep others happy;you have no idea if tomorrow will be your last day. May be the feet that take you to places will not have power to stand any more and will be fastened with a piece of cloth in some hospital room.


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