An Extract.

And while sitting in that car,she was thinking to herself how life is a collection of myriads of connections. And yet she was even more impressed that universe is always at work in connecting us up to people unknown,she wondered for a long time how once unknown and strangers become a part of your life. Few days ago,few hours ago,few moments ago you do not know about them and then bam there they are a part of your life. Apart you never thought you had with yourself and yet it was always there,but is only explored when the right person comes along. And suddenly all those strangling analogies were very clear to her,that why few people leave and other come along in your life. This was something that she would never be able to make others understand,but was clear in her mind like a crystal. And this sudden apprehension,this sudden clue about life even though little gave her a sense of content,and left her in euphoric state that lasted a little longer.


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