The Urge to Write

Suddenly she was conscious of the spin,while looking at the kitchen tiles and waiting for the eggs to boil. She had a sudden urge to write in the middle of the night,in the middle of that situation,in the middle of when her life was going nowhere. She ran to her room,almost forgetting it was not hers,grabbed a notebook and started writing with a passion as if she had met her notebook after so long. Earlier while looking at herself in the mirror,she was thinking about the sudden spin of the surroundings comparing it with the slowness in her life;but she was unaware that few moments later her life would be on spin contrary to how slow it was few moments earlier. And writing Fred her from all the worries in her life,though she had questions in mind and thinking about one of them asked earlier that night she penned down the answer. She wanted to connect through her writing,wanted to expand her circle;may be cause she was too tired to carry the burden to herself. And with the hint of burdens,there was a reality check but from now on she knew she will have many of her moments because there is nothing that could stop her,well from writing at least. 😉


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