Sometimes I feel we all are opposite of the ideals we hold;a reality which most of us would deny but is true. We use our ideals and beliefs just in order to intimidate others,to let others think about us what we are not. However,I am unable to understand this peculiar nature of humans. When it comes to criticism we very easily go on without a hint of hesitation, ignoring the fact that we ourselves are the sum of what we criticise in others. We always have justifications for our own behaviour,a certain perspective. The very irony,the dichotomy of human character,makes human beings a loathsome creature. And there comes a time when,some of us,hate being a human;the very reality of our shadiness keeps us confused and hateful about the very highness of human beings. Are we really keeping up with the high place that is given to us? Do we actually look into ourselves and will be able to face and accept the certain fact that ‘I’ is not a flawless condition, that we may think before passing judgements and calling other judgemental because at the very moment you yourself might be judgemental about others. If you want to be respected,respect the journey and fight of fellow beings or there will come a time when they will despise you.


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